The advanced training consists of a 10-day course, from Monday to Friday.

Weekend is to allow for travelling between around the venue.

The training school will be conducted at Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar (IIT Gandhinagar), Gujarat during 7th -17th November, 2016
Format and Duration
Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar, located in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India, is a public institute of higher education declared to be an Institute of National Importance by the Government of India.
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IIT Gandhinagar
• Deadline for applications: 15 July 2016
• Selection announcement: 05 August 2016
• Confirm travel details: 05 September 2016
• India-UK Advanced Training School:
07-17 November 2016
Newton-Bhabha India UK Advanced Training School (IUATS)
Optimal Design and Control of Smart Community: New Ideas for off-grid Communities